As in many new urban areas in Vietnam, most houses are designed in the neoclassical style. Those houses are easy to build, but lacking of care for detailed floor layouts & exterior landscape, not suitable for the natural climate as well as lacking of identity.

The existing conditions of this house also feature a typical neoclassical model, located in a long and narrow land site. The space is divided evenly, with small openings. It did not show a good utilization of its merit location near the river junction, nor suitable to the local climate.

The expansion of spaces, eliminating the middle column, creating porch, logia and creating a large void in the center of the house resulted in important merits. These changes require a thorough calculation of the renovated structure and takes a long time to obtain the construction permit. After renovation, the public spaces on the first floor and the master bedrooms on the second and third floors became wider, with spacious views to the garden and the river. In addition, these porches, logia & void space also enable users abundant opportunities to experience the shades, natural ventilation, and even touch the rains.

Trees, shrubs ... are arranged in many places of the house; these works request thorough considerations of water supply system, drainage as well as natural light to ensure the plants are well developed. The large sliding windows and the automatic roof opening system help enhancing natural ventilation and fresh air circulation. The inclined concrete louvers are formulated carefully. Vertical wooden bars are careful studied and constructed by modules to create straightness, flatness and no shrinkage. Concrete louvers and wooden louvers make the interior space comfortably bright, reduce the heat and enhance privacy.

Most of interior materials are locally available, such as abrasive concrete, natural wood wiped with oil, laterite exploited from the ground, pebble gravel, etc. These materials are low-cost but also require careful selection and meticulous construction.

The back garden has a shelter, with large grass carpet greenery & a swimming pool. The use of sliding wood floor increases the safety as well as provides an additional spacious playground deck. This place can host family meals or big parties. And in any case, out the garden to inside the house, it always brings relaxation and comfort feelings of vacations.

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